Andhra Bank Internet Banking Review and Application

by Gil on June 9, 2012

Maybe you are looking for ways on how to apply for Andhra Bank Internet banking? Or perhaps you’re researching for the benefits that you can get from its online banking service.

You have come to the right place. In this post, I would discuss the benefits that you can get and also how you can enroll your savings account to its Andhra Internet banking.

Features of Andhra Bank Internet Banking

Internet banking has many benefits for customers who had enrolled for its services. Some of the features of Andhra Internet banking are given below so you could know what benefits are you getting from this service.

1. Funds Transfer

The fund transfer involves two types: self-fund transfer and third-party transfer. The self-fund transfer is transferring of money from any self-linked account to another Andhra bank-linked account that you own.

On the other hand, the third party transfer involves transferring of money to another Andhra bank customer account. Before you can transfer money to a third-party account, you need to register it first by going to Fund Transfer section, then to Third party transfer and lastly to “Make Payment” tab.

You could also send money to other accounts other than Andhra Bank through the External Payee system. You will be required again to register the “External Payees” account before you can transfer money to them. Registration can be found in the “Transfer Fund” section of your Andhra Internet banking.

2. Quick View

Quick View will display the latest 10 transactions done in the particular account you have selected.  If you click the “Account Details”, it will display all details like status, customer ID, balance and more.

3. Account Statement

If you want to know the summary of your past transactions, you can  generate an account statement in Excel or PDF format by logging in to your Internet banking account.

Andhra Bank Internet Banking

4. Cheque Status Inquiry

When you input the starting check number and end check number, the status of the cheques you issued can be seen. An online stop payment facility is also available in your Internet banking account so you can stop any payment that you want.

Even you make an online stop payment for your cheques, it should be still confirmed by sending a fax or visiting to your Andhra bank to prevent payment of cheque. It is also possible to display the status of cheque which has been sent for clearing.

5. Online Bill Payment

With your Andhra Internet banking account, you can pay your enrolled bills online. You can setup an alert system to give you a message that you have pending payments or bills awaiting acceptance.

You can also see the history of your past payments and setup your personal information. The payments you have made will also be seen in your account.

6. Make Requests

You can request for a cheque book or transaction password. Your request may not be processed immediately because it will go to a manager that will process your request.

7. Online Opening of Term Deposit

It is easier to open a term deposit account if you have an Andhra Internet banking. There are 2 types of online deposits that you can open: Reinvestment and Fixed deposit.

In this way, you can easily invest your money even you’re outside India or you don’t want to go to the bank. It is now more convenient and faster to invest in Andhra term deposit.

8. Contact a Relationship Manager

As an Andhra customer, you can send mails to a Relationship Manager (RLM) and receive a reply from him using online banking. I think this is a good form of customer service because a real person can attend to your requests and needs.

How to Apply for Andhra Internet Banking

First of all, if you are applying for Andhra Internet banking, you need first a savings account at Andhra Bank because it is needed in the application. If you don’t have yet, you can see the application process here to give you an idea.

You need to download an application form for Internet banking. You can get the form here: (last update: November 2011)

You must fill out completely this form and then bring it to your branch so they can process your application. Your account number and customer ID number are needed when filling out the form. If the savings account you have is a joint account, you should also get the details of the other person when applying.

For Your Online Banking Safety

To make your Andhra Bank Internet banking experience more secure, you should follow these following tips I got from the website of Andhra Bank.

1. When using your online banking account , you mus visit their Internet banking website through directly.

2. Don’t access the site through a link from another website, blog or an e-mail to avoid phishing.

3. Always verify the domain name displayed on the site to avoid bogus and phishing websites.

4. Don’t entertain or trust any e-mail asking for your password or PIN. Inform immediately to your branch such incidents so they can investigate it right away. Remember that Andhra Bank will never contact you asking for your card passwords or PIN.

5. Regularly update your PC or laptop with the latest anti-virus and spy ware software. You can download some of those soft wares  for free in the web like Avast. It is also advisable that you install a firewall in your PC to protect it from hacking.

6. Lastly, do not reveal and share your online banking information, user name and passwords to any persons, third party or even the employees of Andhra bank.

Final Note

Having an Andhra Internet banking account will definitely help you a lot in terms of managing your finances, paying bills and a lot more. The application process is not really hard, you only need to visit your branch so you can start the application.


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