Features of SBI Online Banking

by Gil on June 6, 2011

If you want to find a bank that can give you a secure and convenient way to do banking transactions, then you are referring to SBI bank. SBI or also known as State Bank of India is a popular bank in India because of their good services and products that they provide to their customers.

It has more than 11,000 branches and 6 associate banks all over India.  SBI bank is providing a wide range of services and products to meet the needs and demands of Indians wherever they are around the world. It has its own official website: onlinesbi.com. This website can give you a full access to your bank accounts and also of other corporate and retail customers.

How to Access SBI Website Online

To be able to have an access to their online banking services, you need to first download their Internet banking registration form and submit the form right after filling all important details. After submitting complete details, SBI will give you a unique user name as well as password to be able for you to access your account online through their website. It is smart decision to change the user name and the password for your personal protection after you log in using your account.

You can use the virtual keyboard rather than using your own physical keyboard if you are making transactions using other computers aside from your PC at home. This would be applicable for people who travel and wants to see their account using public computer. Account owners should also avoid improper logging off to avoid hackers from accessing your account.

SBI Online Banking Services

It is easy to register your SBI bank account to its net banking by going to their website or applying to your branch. Here are some of online banking services you can avail and get once you have your own  online account.

• Make fund transfers
• Open a new bank account online
• Apply for E-ticketing
• Avail the PPF transactions
• Use e-Tax for all online tax payments
• Request for a draft issue
• Pay bills over the Internet
• Request for a new check book
• Set-up your personal profile setting
• Make airline and railway reservations online
• Access the e-VFS- Electronic Vendor Finance Scheme


SBI online banking provides loyalty reward programs and other privileges that you can access online. The points can be redeemed as cash back online. Online banking has never been this easy with the help of SBI banking service. The bank is continuously improving their services online because of the overwhelming response of their consumers all over India and around the world.

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