ICICI Credit Card

by Gil on August 20, 2011

ICICI bank is one of the largest issuers of credit cards in India. This bank can provide you with a wide array of credit cards because it can give you the flexibility and convenience of managing your finances.

The ICICI credit card is available with many benefits and offers that is specifically designed to fit your needs and the requirements of diverse sector of people in the society. ICICI cards are accepted in different parts of India and abroad. The banks have designed diverse cards that you can choose from according to different needs of people like you.

Kinds of ICICI Credit Cards

Here’s the list of the common ICICI credit card that you can apply. Be sure to choose the card that is applicable to your current needs.

Premium Credit Card – This card is a lifestyle card with special holiday and travel packages that can complement the lifestyle of the elite section in the society. In this category of credit includes Platinum identity, Visa Signature card, Ascent American Express card, Platinum credit card, Thomas Cook Titanium credit card, Titanium credit card and Gold American Express card.

You will love to shop using this card, because it has high credit and cash limit together with air miles. There are tons of exclusive rewards that you can use every time you shop and travel in and out of the country.

Co-branded Credit Card – This card cannot be compared to other credit cards available in the market today. You can avail different kinds of discounts and rewards that you will surely enjoy. There are wide ranges of redemption centers where you can get discounts using your credit card.

Classic Credit Card – This type of card is composed of four cards such as American Express Green Credit Card,  Online Credit Card, Sterling Silver Credit Card and ICICI Bank Visa Mini Card.

Affinity Credit Card – This card ties-up with other professional institutions like Kidzee, Help Age India centre, XLRI, and many more.

EMI Credit Card – You can use this card from purchasing all throughout the year and pay for only fix amount every month. With every transaction that you made with the use of your EMI credit card, it will be converted into an easy-to-pay monthly EMI.

Preferred Credit Card- This card can provide you with a fuel surcharge waiver when it comes to your fuel spending at any selected HPCL pumps.

Picture Credit Card – This kind of card can provide you with an option to place your family photo on your credit card.

Simply visit this link to learn more information on how to apply a card online.

ICICI is the best issuer of credit cards in India and this company is offering cards that can cater to the specific needs of people of India and other nationalities as well.


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